Monday, July 28, 2014

Wild Flours Bake Shop

Last month I went to Wild Flours Bake Shop Located in Huntington; Long Island. This was a super treat because I have some friends who have a gluten allergy and I was so excited to try this out while I was visiting. I had the pleasure of meeting with Carolyn who is the owner and baker at her shop. When meeting with her I could tell her enthusiasm shakes off into her shop and baked goods. She only Organic ingredients and the highest quality items for her shop. 

She doesn't allow anything gluten into her shop and if that wasn't enough her food was absolutely delicious. I have to be honest most of the gluten free food that I have had was disgusting and I could use it if I was ever trapped in a dungeon and I needed to break my way out, as most of the gluten free baked goods I have tried prior were hard, dull and tasteless. Something I wouldn't give to my dog, well if I had a dog that is. 

This was not the case. Not only was this a cosy feel when you walked in to your neighborhood shop you could also smell all the wonderful yummies being baked. 

I decided to come in on a friday and I am so happy I did as I got to try the Quiche!

When I picked out the Quiche I wanted to eat, I told them that I wanted the Gluten free one. They just smiled and said they all were gluten free.

It was so delicious and I really couldn't believe it was gluten free. I mean it was actually delicious. So much so that I wanted to have the Quiche not only for breakfast but for lunch and dinner! This was the best Quiche I have EVER had and it was GLUTEN free. PINCH me now!

My appetite didn't stop there, I also tried the panini 


After we had our breakfast favorites it was time to indulge my sweet tooth and see if their gluten free treats tasted as fabulous as they looked!

When Choosing my desserts to try, I kindly asked where the gluten free section was. They laughed and said again for the 100th time, " Everything in this STORE is gluten free." 

You can't have dessert without having a hot cup of coffee!

Your eyes will be so tantalized with all the glorious and beautiful foods.  I was such a skeptic asking if what I was eating was REALLY gluten free. I was told it was. I am not sure how something so good could be gluten free. 

If you live on Long Island you NEED to try this bakery, even if you don't have a gluten allergy. They also use casein free ingredients as well on selective items. 

Everything is organic and fresh! Not to mention delicious. I know I have said that so many times throughout this post…you just have to try out Wild Flours Bake Shop for yourself. I promise you, it will be love at first bite!

For those of you who don't live in NY don't worry, Wild Flours Bake Shop ships to you! 

Carolyn I said it multiple times when we spoke and I am going to  say it BEG again…. Please Please PLEASE open a shop in Southern California. 

The Beautiful Carolyn, thank you for allowing us to stop by. You have a wonderful shop and such amazing goodies. I can't wait to stop by again…until then I will have to do with getting your treats shipped to me.