Monday, January 26, 2015

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Burns Supper. Feb 14

ScotsFestival International Highland Games XXII Set to Rock Yer Kilt with Kick Off Concert Feb. 13

Experience Scottish History with Highland Athletics & Dancing, Authentic Cuisine and Entertainment

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Burns Supper. Feb 14
LONG BEACH, Calif., (January 21, 2015) – The Queen Mary welcomes back the celebration of true Scottish heritage with the annual ScotsFestival & International Highland Games XXII February 14-15. The festival will kick off with the Rock Yer Kilt concert on February 13 followed by a full weekend of rich Scottish culture highlighted through authentic activities, cuisine, athletics, dancing and entertainment.

The Rock Yer Kilt concert welcomes the best Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic bands this side of the pond performing at the official kick off party for Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival. Hosted by world-class bagpiper, singer songwriter and storyteller, Colin Armstrong, Rock Yer Kilt will present live music from the likes of Wicked Tinkers, Highland Way, Brick Top Blaggers and Dublin Public. The evening will honor Scotland’s favorite son and beloved poet and lyricist, Robert Burns. This special “Burns Night” will tilt yer kilt with trivia and recital contests with prizes, pub games, traditional Scottish fare and Scotch Whisky tasting sessions.

The celebration of Robert Burns will continue on the evening of February 14 with the traditional Burns Supper. Celebrate Valentine’s Day and Scotland’s best-loved bard with classic Scottish fare including haggis, whisky and fine Scottish music and dancing. Hosted by the formidable John Hannah, the supper experience includes a complimentary cocktail, the piping of the haggis, a traditional four-course dinner and all the Scottish entertainment imaginable.

Official ScotsFestival Opening Ceremonies begin the morning of February 14 with the traditional Grand Parade of Clans & Bands with an Address to the Haggis. February 14-15 from 9am – 6pm daily, festivities include Border Collie sheep-herding, performances by the Scots Greys Calvary, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Celtic Harp & Wren Iniquity Ensemble, The Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles, Bad Haggis, Sligo Rags and historic re-enactments in ode to the Queen Mary’s Scottish legacy. 

ScotsFestival honors nearly seventy Scottish clans & vendors throughout the festival weekend. The Scottish Highland Games were developed by ancient warriors to test strength, skill and technique. Experience these traditional style competitions in piping, drumming, massed bands, darts, Highland dancing and Highland athletics.

The Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival is proud to host the World Champion Scottish Highland Dancer, Kaylee Finnegan and many internationally acclaimed athletes competing for titles in stones, hammer throw, weights for distance, weight over bar, sheaf and the famed caber toss.

Scotch Whisky tasting sessions with aged malt experts and craft beer samplings are available for adult ScotsFestival guests while the wee Scots can bear witness to Queen Mary’s coronation, knighting ceremonies and even take part in the Wee Highland games.

Visit for more details and to purchase advanced tickets to experience all of the Scottish festivities and celebrations.

Rock Yer Kilt Kick-Off Concert
Feb. 13, 7pm – 12am
Tickets: $15

Valentine’s Day Burns Supper
Feb. 14, 7pm
Tickets: $89

Feb. 14-15, 9am – 6pm
Tickets: $9 online for ages 4-11 and $18 online for guests 12 and over. VIP tickets, two-day festival passes and hotel packages available. 

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Laura's House a nonprofit devoted to ending the cycle of domestic violence, is hosting its annual Candlelight Vigil on February 6 to honor teens like Jacqwelyn who have lost their lives at the hands of their abusers.

Six years ago, 19-year-old Jacqwelyn Joanne Villagomezs young, vibrant life was cut short by the man that was supposed to love and protect her.

Did you know that 1 in 3 U.S adolescents is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner - rates beyond other types of youth violence.

Please lets come together as a community and honor these teens who have lost their lives to dating abuse. Together lets educate and listen as Marissa Presley prevention and education specialist, Laura's House, will discuss healthy relationships for teens, red flags, how to help a friend and resources and safety planning. 

Its serious and the statics are so very grim 1 in 3 U.S adolescents endure this. Lets help get our teens educated as a community. It takes a village to raise and protect our children, Lets do this see you there!

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, from 5:30-7pm

OC Sherriff's Regional Training Academy
15991 Armstrong Ave. Tustin, CA 92782

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Year, New Tech Sweepstakes

Welcome to the

New Year, New Tech Sweepstakes

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  • Open Worldwide (If outside the US, prize will be cash equivalent to tablet price only).
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Nan

I would like to wish my Grandmother my Nan a very Happy Birthday!!!!

My Grandmother is the greatest, yes I am biased but its so true. I was very fortunate to live with my grandmother for two years from 10-12 years old. While I regret that I didn't take the time to learn Italian, I did learn to appreciate the greater things in life. She is the epitome of your typical Italian grandmother. You add in her spectacular cooking with her pizazz for life and entertaining you get what I had, a happy childhood. She would make every meal with love, yes she added love to everything she made. I bet that saying evolved after people had my grandmothers cooking.

Think I am joking; when I lived with my grandmother this is what a menu consisted of;

Breakfast : 
Waffles with ice cream, I hated drinking milk. So my grandmother feared I wouldn't get my calcium so she knew I would eat ice cream. You see why she is the greatest, truly an innovator with the picky eater.

Lunch: (What she packed me for lunch, keep in mind she is Italian)
Turkey leg
Fresh fruit
Sparkling water

Dinners: (Just a sample of few dinners we would have, its close to dinner time so I don't want to get you all crazy)
Shrimp Scampi
Stuffed lobster
Stuffed mushrooms
Turkey Chili
Roasted Lamb

I am telling you I am not really elaborating on how she prepared the items listed above but it was an experience for your heart and soul when you would take a bite. The food made you emotional, I feel that she has contributed to my quest for being such a foodie queen! I love to eat, thanks to my grandmother.

I will add I ate such fine foods and I was in the best shape of my life. She made sure I rode by bike daily for at least one hour a day. I was on the honor roll the whole time I lived with my grandmother, not just once a year.

She was my inspiration for wanting to be a writer, as she too was a writer. She is so many things, people from all around would seek out my grandmother. Not just for her friendship, food, laughter, giving heart, but she is also a healer. She is mentioned in books about this topic.

My grandmother is a wonderful woman and I had an extraordinary time living with her for the brief time that I did.

The memories live on in my heart, all the times we would garden or all the times I would do "Talent Shows" and have you watch me for hours doing routines.

I love you Nan! Happy Birthday, thanks for always being my biggest fan in life!!!!!

Blaze Pizza, Its all the Blaze around town

Is you appetite on fire for some really fabulous pizza?

 Well stop by your local Blaze Pizza and sit down and get ready to be creative! Let your imagination soar as the possibilities are endless, the pizza is your canvas and you are the artist. Let those toppings create the perfect beginning to an eager crowd, your taste buds.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Blaze Pizza and let me just tell you my eyes were as equally impressed as my taste buds. Think fast-food meets gourmet and you get to create without the clean up. Well if you consider clean up, cleaning the pizza off your plate? 

Want to know how to Blaze? 
1) You have the option to build your own or choose one of theirs.
2) Add your toppings - Ready for this... its all one price. Yes you heard me its all ONE price
3) Pizzas are FAST- fire'd in 180 seconds. For you parents out there that is code for SHORT! As in meltdowns from the "Chillens" will less likely happen waiting to fill their tummies. 
All pizzas are 11'' personal sized ( which means you don't have to share if you don't want to) There is Gluten Free dough and vegan cheese available as well. 

If this can't get any better all your build your own pizza's are $7.95
Here are just a sample of the toppings: 
Meat: applewood bacon, crumbled meatballs, grilled chicken 
Cheeses: Shreeded Mozzarella, gorgonzola
Veggies: Artichokes, arugula, banana peppers,  black olives
Sauces: Classic red, spicy red sauce, white cream sauce

You can choose to get a one topping pizza for $6.95 or a simple pie $5.45 They also have their signature pizzas for $7.95. For a complete list please visit your local Blaze Pizza. 

What 180 seconds looks like when you have to wait to eat at Blaze.  NO meltdowns. 

Be ready to get your appetite and taste buds riled up! 

The new fast food!

Oh and because Blaze loves giving back to the community, this is the place to go for all your fundraising needs. Great for School, community events, sport teams etc etc. 

Please contact : to get started on your fundraising needs. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Change your gut and you change your brain

Do you believe in that saying?

Well I have decided after the incident with my son to start to reevaluate and take back our health. I am leaning towards a gluten free diet as the major culprit to eliminate. It might take a few months to rid the pantry of such comfort foods. My Italian great grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave cursing some profanity for being so cruel to my family.  "What good Italian mother doesn't give her children pastina?"

Before my Nannie Jo should hold her hand up with her fist to the heavens, it will take some time to fully go gluten free. As I am not throwing food out. I will use what I have and replace with what I need, when I finished what I already have.

I can't afford to be wasteful or extreme. I know some might not agree with me and provide studies that gluten isnt' bad if you don't have a deficiency. I WAS a pharmaceutical baby if you will. I was told the medications I was on was OK with my chronic condition. Yeah ok, so were the steroids injections. Oh and the implant you want to put in my neck. Its all ok.  Don't get me wrong I would in a heart beat go to my medicine cabinet for my nerves if it got that bad again or head to the ER. I just don't want to be on medication daily and I don't want my son to be on daily medications either.

What was the point of that? The point is to show that just because someone in the medical field says its good for you doesn't mean it is.

For long term there has to be way to help with this. Nutrition has to be key, it just has to help. We are what we eat, right? So many changes underway and I am going to make sure my family is eased into it. Everything I add with supplements, enzymes and oils. I will  consult with my doctor and my kids pediatrician to see how much I can really take. I want to make sure their is no interactions with each supplement or overdosing on certain things.

Now with the above said I won't be a "GLUTENZILLA" If my kids are out and at a friends house and eat Pizza, fine, we are at a birthday party and they have a slice a cake, so be it.

 Today was a rough day for me with my son. Four days on benedryl and steroids and no other medication. MY son looked and acted like a monkey on crack. I have never seen a monkey on crack however if I had to envision what that would like, I think my son nailed it.

 I can't wait for my son to be fully healed with his latest reaction and start our journey for a natural path. One step at a time.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Venting with a pinch of mom shaming - I want to go natural

My son woke up at 4am this morning screaming - he felt like he was burning and itching all over. He said he wanted to vomit.

This rash is no stranger to us, as my son is allergic to red dye 40. I figured he had something I didn't know about, we went over everything in the last two days.

I gave him Benadryl and he was fine. This morning he woke up and he says his arms hurt.

It dawns on me it's his medication it's in a time released capsule it could have those orange or red tiny balls inside. I call CVS they look up the manufacture information no red dye in the medication. They told me they don't have in the system that he is allergic to red dye 40 only Heparin. My son has never been on heparin. Funny because it has been documented he is allergic to red dye, we have been going to CVS for the last 10 plus years. Infact he always gets clear liquid medication when he's ill.

I was livid to say the least. Although this isn't the first time it's happened to me with CVS not documenting correctly. Me being neurotic, overly cautious and their customer service I can over look some things. Mistakes happen however as my mom tells me, "We are our OWN health advocates." Triple check if you have to.

With that said here is the part that will forever mom shame me. My son has been on this medication for sometime. This is the same medication however it is new in the time released capsule, he has been on this for three days.

The pharmacist told me if he has welts all over his body (a rash) that is listed as one side effect.

I'm done, I'm done! I'm done with medicating - if he didn't have this rash how would I know if it didn't agree with his body? He has complained of headaches and I was told it was normal; again mom shaming. If this is what his medication does  to his outsides what does it do on the inside.

I don't care if I go broke selling everything I have, my son will be on an all natural treatments. I'm fed up! There has to be a way without prescriptions. This did it for me this was my eye opener.